This is hardly a reliable place for a bio, don’t you think? After all, won’t I be writing something that makes me appear smart, funny and otherwise better than I really am. Propaganda, that’s all you’d have.

Where would one find fair and balanced reporting. An unbiased presentation of the person in question? Fox News! Uh, maybe, but that’s of no use here. Try again.

Wikipedia! Yes, the collected wisdom of the masses. As reliable as Encyclopaedia Brittannica, and more timely.
To this end, I tried to start a Wikipedia article on myself so as to give the impression that a source of unbiased Caleb Nei information existed. Unfortunately, Wikipedia deleted the article saying the “Caleb Nei” has no relevance. Ah yes, the wisdom of the masses.

Facts: These can’t be denied, or twisted. I’m responsible for a wife, three kids and an assortment of houseplants. I play in a fantastic band called Stereoreel. I received a degree in church music from Huntington University back when it was still Huntington College. I teach piano. I play jazz. I’m also the Worship Arts Director at Emmaus Church. And, just like everyone else on the interwebs, I collect quotes.

Oh, and I really am funny and smart.

Or, if you must…

Caleb Nei, a native of Huntington, Indiana, graduated from his hometown school, Huntington University, with a bachelor of arts in music with a concentration in music for the contemporary church. He has also studied jazz piano and jazz arranging at Shenandoah University.

Some of the teachers who have had the most impact on his life include: Eric Clancy (jazz piano), Dr. Marlene Schleiffer (composition), Dr. Patricia Spedden (classical piano), and Dr. Robert Larson (jazz piano).

Caleb is the Worship Arts Director at Emmaus Church in Berryville, VA where he leads worship on Sunday morning, plans services, rehearses several bands and generally tries to do his share to keep things running smoothly. Check out Emmaus here.

He maintains a private piano studio of about 40 students. In the summer, Caleb works as an instructor for various camps and workshops including REVEAL in Purcellville, VA and LEAD in Roanoke, VA. In past years he has taught for the jazz track of the Virginia Governor’s School.

Caleb is the singer and pianist for Christian rock band, Stereoreel. They’ve played at retreats, events, and festivals throughout Virginia, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Ohio. Hear the music and get more info at at or become a fan at

When Stereoreel isn’t working Caleb can be found somewhere in Northern Virginia playing jazz standards. He loves playing solo piano and in small combo situations. He finds great joy in making evenings memorable in a way only live music can. Find him most often at V2 in Winchester, but he has played at most of the hotels in DC, and at almost every country club between here and the ocean. Most recently, he’s leading jazz concert series at the Barns of Rose Hill in Berryville, VA. Get more info on his jazz playing at

His newest project, Vaulted Skies, involves recording solo piano versions of classic hymns and modern worship favorites. This will be on ongoing project exploring both his love of jazz, and his calling as a worship leader. “Like” to stay updated on this project.

He has three children, one wife and loves where God has him. He has no additional hobbies because…well…he thinks he has enough going on right now.