Going To The Ozzy Show?

My mono isn’t getting better…it could turn into stereo.
November 4, 2007
Increase your vocabulary and feed people.
November 11, 2007

Going To The Ozzy Show?

Skip the preshow party if you’re not up on your child support.

I find this the most humorous story of the day:
The scene: A fake pre-Ozzy-show party in Fargo. The setup: Everyone with an outstanding arrest warrant gets invited. The result: 40 fewer criminals roaming the streets. The laugh: Ozzy’s indignance. The quote of the day: “Sheriff Laney went out of his way to tarnish my reputation by implying that I somehow attract a criminal element.”

The full story:

Caleb Nei is the Worship Arts Director at Emmaus Church in Berryville. He also teaches at least 40 piano lessons each week, is a member of the band Stereoreel, plays piano jazz at a couple of restaurants when Stereoreel isn’t playing, has three children, one wife and loves where God has him. He has a degree in church music from Huntington University and has studied jazz at Shenandoah University. He has no additional hobbies because he’s one of those people who have been able to get a job doing what he’d do for free anyway.

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