Sing, sang, sung. (aka Nashville update.)

April 13, 2007
In the studio.
April 13, 2007

Sing, sang, sung. (aka Nashville update.)

“That’s pretty huge and triuphant, man,” said Doc of the massive guitar tone we’re presently getting for the song “In Praise.”
“Your monsterous guitar tone is making it impossible to hear anything else,” replied Dustin.

Today Kyle Rictor stopped by to say, “hi.” We quickly roped him into playing guitar for “Angels Sing.”

I’m sorry that you can’t hear what we’ve done so far it’ll make you laugh and cry and run out to start a revolution. Guess that’s the most you could ask of a CD. Coming this summer.

Caleb Nei is the Worship Arts Director at Emmaus Church in Berryville. He also teaches at least 40 piano lessons each week, is a member of the band Stereoreel, plays piano jazz at a couple of restaurants when Stereoreel isn’t playing, has three children, one wife and loves where God has him. He has a degree in church music from Huntington University and has studied jazz at Shenandoah University. He has no additional hobbies because he’s one of those people who have been able to get a job doing what he’d do for free anyway.


  1. Anonymous says:

    i love you Daddy. . .this is your family. . you are the best daddy in the world. Daddy i miss you. I hope you come back soon. -Ariel You are the cutest daddy in the land. Daddy i miss you. I wish we could give you a video game. -Ellis.

    I am glad In Praise is sounding so PHat and fat. I think it’s good for that song. Love you much.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I just read that my comment has been saved. It’s a miracle. I wonder if I’ll see it in heaven someday. -sorry.

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