Today my wife accused me of having an addictive personality. Maybe it was all the time I spent here, playing Risk. My resolution for tomorrow: I will not visit addictinggames.com. At least this is less destructive than some of the addictions I’ve [...]

Quote of the day.

I wanna hang a map of the world in my house. Then I’m gonna put pins into all the locations that I’ve traveled to. But first, I’m gonna have to travel to the top two corners of the map so it won’t fall down. Mitch Hedberg (Thanks Seth.) [...]

At the sound of the tone…

You’ll still be trying to scan your own groceries. Here I sit drinking something called a Berry Blast Naked All Natural Antioxidant 100% Juice Smoothie. I just finished eating a Fuji apple, a standard yellow banana and some sort of fancy orange. I’m [...]