Grinder pump, a promising sounding name.

Thank for asking…we’re not moving now until January. No, the house isn’t done. Yes, we’re still working on it. Well, it’s basically done except for something called a “grinder pump.” Pretty much what is sounds like. Grinds stuff. Sewage specifially. [...]


The students of Powhatan School, the private school just down the road from our new house, raised the money for all of the framing. The did better than that though! They personalized it! How many people get to have decorated studs? (Click for a larger [...]

I’m in the newspaper. Interesting that the article notes that I’m 31, and my wife is “in her thirties.” (She’s also 31.) [...]

Newspaper clipping.

Here’s a clipping from earlier this year. This is how our house looked in may. It’s either from the Winchester Star or the Clarke Times-Courier. Dustin took some new pics on Sunday. I’ll post ’em when I get ’em. [...]

House update # whatever.

My house is being built by mostly volunteers. The problem with that may be obvious. When no one volunteers, nothing gets done. Habitat has been working on our house for quite some time now. (Since the beginning of the year, at least.) I’m grateful to the [...]

A house for us.

In an amazing development Nei-famly-housing-wise, our family has been selected to receive the Habitat for Humanity house in nearby Millwood, Virgina. For those of you not familiar with the out-of-control housing market of the Washington, DC suburban [...]