Habitat for Humanity

November 13, 2007

Grinder pump, a promising sounding name.

Thank for asking…we’re not moving now until January. No, the house isn’t done. Yes, we’re still working on it. Well, it’s basically done except for something […]
August 16, 2007


The students of Powhatan School, the private school just down the road from our new house, raised the money for all of the framing. The did […]
August 9, 2007

I’m in the newspaper.

http://www.winchesterstar.com/article_details.php?ArticleID=253 Interesting that the article notes that I’m 31, and my wife is “in her thirties.” (She’s also 31.)
August 8, 2007

Newspaper clipping.

Here’s a clipping from earlier this year. This is how our house looked in may. It’s either from the Winchester Star or the Clarke Times-Courier. Dustin […]