Grinder pump, a promising sounding name.

Thank for asking…we’re not moving now until January. No, the house isn’t done. Yes, we’re still working on it. Well, it’s basically done except for something called a “grinder pump.” Pretty much what is sounds like. Grinds stuff. Sewage specifially. [...]

House plans.

Cindy, I know these aren’t real pictures-but those are coming too. I took some Sunday. I just need to get them off of my friend’s camera. In the meantime, look at these and imagine. Click on the pictures for a larger view. [...]

The porch and the view from Ariel’s window.

Here Cindy. A friend stopped by to take a few pictures the other day. Unfortunately, she did’t take any of the full outside of the house. Here’s the front porch and the view from Ariel’s window. I guess we’re contemplating lunch. [...]