What Nobody Tells People Who Are Beginners

Ever feel like giving up? You thought art was easy? Here’s a quote I’ve been thinking about today. (Here’s to your 10,000 hours!) “What nobody tells people who are beginners — and I really wish someone had told this to me…is that all of us who do [...]

Going To The Ozzy Show?

Skip the preshow party if you’re not up on your child support. I find this the most humorous story of the day:The scene: A fake pre-Ozzy-show party in Fargo. The setup: Everyone with an outstanding arrest warrant gets invited. The result: 40 fewer [...]

Bono says…

The punk thing doesn’t work for me. I’d rather spend a day with Johnny Cash anytime…you can only get so far with rage. -From the Rolling Stone podcast of Jann Wenner’s interview with Bono. [...]

Quote of the day.

Looking good is often a matter of standing next to the right person. -John F. Crowley By the way, Crowley also has a pretty cool listing of the Beatle’s guitars. http://www.thecanteen.com/fabguitars.html [...]