52 Weeks

My goal: write a song a week for a year.Awhile back I heard a story on NPR about David Morneau, a composer who undertook the making of a song-a-day for a year. Here’s the story: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=92038722. And here are [...]

Save Me

I posted some recently recorded versions of Stereoreel songs on my MySpace.myspace.com/calebnei Don’t forget to check out the new Stereoreel album on myspace.com/stereoreel. [...]

Presenting: The CD

The new CD is out! We’ve been working on this thing for years now…I hope the next one doesn’t take as song. Just in time to take your mind off the bickering going on between John McCain and Paris Hilton and between Barack and his VP choice. More info [...]

A Brief Update

A few words on what’s been occupying my time recently. Settling into the new houseProviding support as my wife has a babyWriting songsWriting easy piano musicMaking bean soupFertilizing my lawnMaking arrangements for shopsheetmusic.comPlaying with my [...]


That’s Dustin, me, Seth and Ethan. We like our Macs. Don’t know if any of the pictures came out. Dave (the picture-taker) isn’t really a photographer… (Obviously, seeing as the workings of the camera aren’t something he fully understands.) Oh, and I [...]

Preview A Premastered Song Or Two!

Stereoreel’s CD is coming as promised. We’re sending the tunes off to get mastered soon. Meanwhile you can hear a premastered version and be our MySpace friend. myspace.com/stereoreel [...]