REVEAL Worship Camp is back! REVEAL is a worship arts camp for middle and high school students. Get training. Be inspired. Learn how you can use the artistic talents that God has given you in worship. It’s two-and-a-half days of worshipping God with [...]

Worship Resources List

I was working on this list for a couple of camps I’m teaching this summer. I know there are a bajillion resources on the internet. These are the ones I personally use the most. Roughly in order of importance to me. Planning [...]

You Need iReal b

Hello soloists! Here’s the tool you need to get your chops together. iReal b, builds accompaniments from your chord charts. Enter the chords to your song, pick a style (jazz, latin, rock), and get busy. Beginning rhythm guitarists can use it to practice [...]


Hey guys! If you’re in the Winchester area and have a Facebook account become a fan of Crosslink. Crosslink is a monthly worship service where young adults from across the area get together for worship, prayer, fellowship and Bible study. Click here to [...]